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Nikki Jeal
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Nikki is the Kiss Fitness mobile personal trainer for the Blandford Forum & North Dorset area
Coming from a teaching background I have been able to apply knowledge learnt about health, fitness & training and effectively pass it on to my clients as they work towards their goals. Friendly & motivating encouragement is a must, with just a little space and some simple kit you can really make a difference.

'Honest Experience'

Stats Updated 14th April 2017
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Ihave always led an active life, for the past 12 years i've worked in a Primary School as a Teaching Assistant, I find finds this very rewarding. 6 years ago I hired my own personal trainer and was able to reach my goals while seeing what a difference it can make. Driven by the results i'd achieved, I enrolled on a personal training course to become a personal trainer, I now put my teaching skills to work as a fitness professional.

How I Became a Trainer

I was working as a teaching assistant and spending allot of my spare time at the gym, getting fit and enjoying exercise, during this time I undertook the services of a Personal Trainer to improve my performance in the gym and tone up, I was hooked straight away! I liked the way my body changed and my fitness improved and most of all I enjoyed all the knowledge and skills the Personal Trainer passed onto me during my sessions, I learnt lots of new exercises, I did not become bored and all from the comfort of my own home! I enjoyed it so much I decided to undertake the training to become a Personal Trainer myself, I wanted to pass on this knowledge to others and make others feel the way I felt during exercise.