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4 Simple Steps to avoiding Christmas Weight Gain

Each year over the Christmas period the average person will gain 2kg and really it should be no big surprise. We are eating more and doing less, science will tell you if you don't burn as much as you intake, you'll be in a calorie positive state and this will lead to weight gain, easy to put on, not so easy to shift. 

Most of us are lucky enough to have a break from work over the Christmas period, this historically is also one of the least busiest times of the year for gyms and fitness facilities so it's clear were not spending this extra time at the gym. Therefore we need to manage the positive calorie balance, this can be achieved through increased activity and more awareness about portion sizes and food choices.

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Snacking is key to weight loss

Diet & healthy eating is a hugely confusing area with every book you read contradicting the last one, ditch all carbs, only eat protein or starve yourself 2 days a week. Nearly all complete rubbish, so why do we go for it? Because it's easier than hard work! When people want to lose weight they pick up the latest diet book, there is a huge market for this stuff and no shortage of so called experts explain their latest diet. In this blog post, I'll cover one of the most basic weight loss tools which is 'actually eating' and often.

My view on diet is that no one needs to go on a diet, unless morbidly obese in which case a massive calorie reduction diet designed by a qualified nutritionist is required. Therefore for the rest of us all we have to do is eat healthy, eat balanced portions and eat often, that's it!

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Did you think Orange Juice was Good for you?

I know what your thinking! Orange Juice! Bad for me? Well, all in moderation however, it's certainly something I don't drink, it's awfully sweet with a lot of sugar which is why people drink it like water!

"It's OK, I drink 100% Orange Juice!" Wrong! This is still full of sugar and it's not pure. The one thing we need to learn about diet is that if it's processed it's not going to be a healthy choice to sustain a long term healthy lifestyle. Orange juice is seen as the healthy option compared to other soft drinks but the truth is, it's just as bad as the rest. The worst thing about Orange Juice is the combination of the consumers lack of knowledge about food labelling and the manufactures overwhelming desire to ensure you believe their drink is good for you. While keeping to the 'legal' food labeling guidelines, it's still going to confuse you and look like a good choice by looking at the label.

Most Orange Juices will show No Fat & a bunch of Vitamin C! Good right! Well lets look at a popular Orange Juice Drink label

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Want to burn more calories? Get up earlier!

Most people would like to lose a few pounds and it really comes down to lifestyle, those that are able to manage their weight have a better and more productive lifestyle than those that struggle! Lifestyle is the activities we do, the things we do, and the food choices we make. Hands down one of the best ways to manage weight issues is to become more active and more than that its about training your metabolism to fire up earlier, to do that you're going to need to get up & eat!. Yes eat!

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How Resistance Training for Women Promotes Weight Loss

Weight training is this super scary, underworld activity performed by huge muscle bound men and looking at a dumbbell is enough to build huge muscles! The truth is, as any man will know who's tried to gain muscle, it's not quite so easy. 

Weight training is an excellent way to reduce body fat, tone up, firm up and increase muscular strength and fitness. If you are a women concerned about using weights for your workout or to lose weight, it's time to think again, it's one of the most effective methods to stimulate weight loss and maintain your desired weight.

The difference between the huge weight lifters and women wanting to lose weight and tone up. When it comes to training it's all about freqancy & intensity or more simply reps, sets & weight. Its how we train not the training that will dictate muscle size, tone and strength.

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