Want to burn more calories? Get up earlier!

Most people would like to lose a few pounds and it really comes down to lifestyle, those that are able to manage their weight have a better and more productive lifestyle than those that struggle! Lifestyle is the activities we do, the things we do, and the food choices we make. Hands down one of the best ways to manage weight issues is to become more active and more than that its about training your metabolism to fire up earlier, to do that you're going to need to get up & eat!. Yes eat!


No I'm not talking about a midnight snack of chocolate & crisps! As soon as we are up and about our energy systems fire up, yet until we have something to eat our metabolism won't truly fire up. If you get up early but miss out breakfast, you're missing an opportunity! 

If you get up an hour earlier every day, you'll be burning more calories and having an early breakfast will kick start your metabolism, you'll have more go and feel less tired. Not to mention you'll also be on time for work! Add it up that's 6-7 hours every week extra activity! That's a lot and it can make a big difference.

Remember metabolism only works when you eat and when you move, to keep it high you need to do both! This is where most dieters have huge problems, as they simply reduce calories and reduce frequency. This has the reverse effect, actually slowing metabolism and burning less calories, so get up, have breakfast and get moving. Simple!

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