Why your heart loves a healthy breakfast

As everyone knows, breakfast is a pretty important meal. In the old saying: breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper. If you’re only going to get one meal right during the day, make sure it’s your first.
But what if you’re looking to achieve specific health goals like lose weight or reduce your cholesterol levels? Are there any main causes of high cholesterol in breakfast foods or things we eat at this time of day? This question can be more complex than it might originally seem. Luckily, there are some tasty things to eat at breakfast time that can help promote a healthy lifestyle. Here we discuss three ways to eat first thing which both your taste-buds and heart will appreciate.

Set yourself up healthy for the rest of the day

If you’re trying to eat to ensure a healthy heart you are probably looking at your consumption of saturated fats and working out how to lower bad cholesterol. Breakfast is absolutely vital to this as by eating well at the start of the day you set yourself to feel good about your food and so tend to eat better at lunch and dinner as well. For good heart health it’s important to understand your cholesterol levels, to know the causes of high cholesterol and what to do if you need to reduce yours. Food wise it’s important to try and replace saturated with non-saturated fats and breakfast is the best place to start!

There are lots of heart healthy breakfast foods

Happily, at breakfast there are quite a few different foods you can eat which can help keep cholesterol levels down. Avoid anything full of saturated fats – these are fats that tend to come from animal based foods – meat and dairy. That means saying no to the full English breakfast which comes laden with bacon, sausages and toast with lots of butter. But there are really tasty things you can eat instead. Why not try oats with milk and low-fat yogurt? Add a few berries on for taste and you have a really special breakfast. Or try wholemeal bread with a sliced boiled egg and herbs – extremely tasty!

Try out some fat swaps during the first meal of the day

When it comes to dealing with the causes of high cholesterol during your first meal of the day, it’s worth thinking about food swaps. As mentioned above, it’s important to reduce your saturated fat intake and experts believe that by replacing these types of fats with healthier ones you can help reduce your cholesterol levels. Good fats are in things like oily fish, walnuts, seeds, and avocado. Some obvious breakfast fat swaps include avoiding traditional butter and eating avocado on toast instead. Or why not skip traditional granola and make your own with seeds and walnuts?
These kinds of fat swaps can really help when it comes to long-term heart health so try a few today. Your taste-buds will enjoy it in the short term and your heart will be very grateful to you in the long-run!

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