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Kiss Fitness monthly Exercise Challenge

Getting motivated to stay active is not always easy, that's why we created our simple monthly exercise challenges to get you moving on a regular basis. Every month we have a new challenge, normally based around a training exercise or concept that you can master and progress with during the month. There are always variations available to suite all ability and fitness levels, the key is to get into the habit of moving on a regular basis.

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Dry July Challenge 2017

The Kiss Fitness exercise challenge for July is not actually an exercise, however it is an exercise in self control and discipline when it comes to our favorite tipple, it is off course #DRYJULY. You might have heard or even taken part in the popular Dry January challenge. This challenge however is much harder, it's takes place over a part of summer where there are numerous occasions where we might want to drink, at weddings, parties, bbq's or a lazy Sunday afternoons. This is what makes it such a challenge. Join us this July for Dry July, you'll reduce your calorie intake and might even lose weight.

Dry July is Back for JULY 2017 - Ditch The Booze and Loose Weight! Are you In

Drinking enough water everyday and limiting other drinks is one of the most fundamental things we can do for weight management and staying healthy. It's important to consume enough water to maintain a healthy water balance, your water input must equal your water output. I guess this is much like accounting, if the in's and out's don't balance, there is something wrong. So as well as keeping DRY for July, we want you to stay hydrated, preferably with water, not cordial and defiantly not juice.

Take the plunge and stay DRY this July

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StepitUpJune Exercise Challenge 2017

Getting fit and healthy is not complicated, we simply need to move, get active and what better way than walking. The lighter evenings and longer days give us more time to take in our beautiful surroundings and explore a little more. This month's Kiss Fitness exercise challenge is going to help us be more active by walking more & taking more steps. Get outside and enjoy the longer days with our June step challenge.

The Challenge

Each day during June, we'll be increasing the amount of steps we do slowly but surely from a low 4000 to a very active 15000. Check the target each day and hit that goal, you'll need to start finding more ways to be active such as parking further away from your destination, walking when ever you can and taking the stairs
If you are already a walking fanatic, you might find the target steps a little easy, therefore we've added a multiplier depending on current activity level, simply identify your activity level from  the chart below and times your daily step target by the multiplier. Simple.
Your daily step target in this challenge should be considered a 'minimum', if you hit it, awesome but keep on stepping!
Spotty Dog Exercise Challenge

Welcome to the Kiss Fitness Spotty Dog May Exercise Challenge, this daily challenge for May features the Spotty Dog Exercise, an under utilized exercise, a full body movement that recruits multiple muscle groups, it gets the heart going & burns calories. It’s simple yet effective and is much harder than it looks.

This challenge is progressive and the daily target target will challenge you throughout the month but most importantly it will keep you moving and get you into the habit of exercising regularly

Follow the daily target level this May and stay active and kick-start losing those last few pounds before summer.
#AprilAbs Monthly Exercise Challenge

The Kiss Fitness monthly exercise challenge for April is one for the core, this challenge has two exercises each day, one to target the upper abdominals and one to target the lower abdominals. All you need is a few minutes each day and a little motivation, we will get you into the habit of doing a little exercise everyday. The challenge is progressive and really very simple, just going up by one rep each day. The two exercises will only take a little time to complete. Our challenges are designed to keep you active and working, NOT to provide ridiculously hard workouts, participation is what's important.

Each exercise has progressive variations to suit your fitness and ability level.

This exercise challenge will work your abdominal muscles everyday, building strength and stamina and improving your core stability. The abdominals have an important role in everyday life should not be understated, they help support your trunk, protect your lower back and enable you to go about your day. A sound core will ensure you are able to perform at your best, prevent injury and enable you to do manual tasks without fatigue. Off course working your stomach area comes with aesthetic results too once body fat is reduced.




March Up Press Up Challenge
The Kiss Fitness Monthly Exercise Challenge for March is #MarchUP, nothing to do with marching but much to do about Push Ups. This challenge is back to basics with Push Ups, We're going to be challenging ourselves with this fundamental bodyweight exercise and you should join us.
The exercise challenge starts with just 6 push ups working up to 40. You choose the level of intensity for your own fitness, we're not looking for a bunch of reps but a decent amount at a good intensity, enough to elicit some strength gains. Simply choose the push up variation for your own ability level and concentrate on full range and good technique.
The press up or push up exercise is a staple of fitness ability, being used in testing within police and military forces throughout the world, and for good reason too. 
It's an excellent way to test an individuals overall strength because it relies on many components of fitness, muscular strength from shoulders, arms, chest with core stability, joint range of motion especially at the elbow and shoulder. It's also a metabolic exercise as it gets multiple muscle groups activating and will require good cardiovascular efficiency and capacity. Amazing really! that's why many personal trainers love this exercise and why is a fundamental test of strength and fitness.
You can start at your own level and ability, starting with a standing wall press up onto a half press up and a full press up. There are also harder progressions such as a decline press up, 3 point press up and more.
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Feburpee Exercise Challenge Title Image 2017

Welcome to the #Feburpee 2017 exercise challenge, the Kiss Fitness monthly challenge for February is #FEBURPEE, and yes, you guessed it! It features one of the old time greats in body weight & functional training, the BURPEE. Commonly unpopular with exercise participants due to it’s demanding nature and loved by personal trainers due to it’s excellent full body activation and effectiveness. If you already know what a burpee is, it likely bring tears to your eyes and for those that don't, you are in for a treat. This one is a full body calorie busting exercise you'll love and hate at the same time.

Luckily for you, February is a short month but it still won't be easy!

All our monthly challenges we have variations for all fitness and ability levels so do not be put off, our monthly challenges are all about getting you moving on a regular basis. We have the Beginner Burpee for the newbies, the Regular Burpee for a little more intensity and the Full Burpee with a Press Up for the ultimate calorie destruction.

Why is it called a Burpee

Great question, all thanks to one guy i'm afraid. That's right, you can blame someone for this one. Check out our Blog Post on 'Why it's Called a Burppee'

If this sounds daunting, do not worry, there are variations for all ability and fitness levels.

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Plankaway January Exercise Challenge 2017

Are you ready to get your fitness plans for the new year started! Whatever your fitness resolutions for the new year, add this challenge into the mix for daily inspiration and a challenge to keep you focused throughout January, plus keep with us, we have an new challenge every month.

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The plank is an excellent isometric exercise, it requires core stabilizers to fire to maintain body & spinal alignment. 

This challenge is staggered & progressively increases in time throughout the month. You'll end up holding a plank for 2 minutes which is enough for most of us, any more is likely to cause undue stress and not likely to be any more effective. If you find the plank exercise easy, increase intensity by adding instability by placing you feet on a BOSU Balance Trainer or Stability Discs or feet or arms on a Fitness Ball etc. Get creative and up the intensity. 

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The Kiss Fitness Starcember Exercise Challenge

Introducing the #STARcember Kiss Fitness monthly exercise challenge, this month were going to be doing Star Jumps, also known as Jumping Jacks. We thought the STAR was appropriate for the time of year, this challenge starts off with a moderate intensity at 150 Star Jumps coming down to 100 and then back up again to 200 heading towards New Years Eve. Don't worry, we're giving you Christmas Day off! You can thank us later.

Our monthly exercise challenges are designed to get you moving on a daily basis with the premise that you don't need to do much to start! You just need to start and with this simple exercise challenge, you can do just that. 

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Kiss Fitness #Lungevember 2016 Challenge

Now, before you mention it. We know we've stitched too odd words together but we kinda like it, we think it works and we're sticking with it, just like you will be when you join us and lunge through November.

Our Lungevember monthly challenge will get you lunging, it's one of the most fundamental exercises, its tough and it's effective. 

This is a great challenge to tone up the bum and thighs. The Lunge exercise recruits the gluteus maximus, quadriceps & hamstrings. There are also plenty of lunge variations to make the exercise easier or harder or just add a little variety. This is also a great exercise for the skiers and snowboarders who will be heading to the slopes over the winter.

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Kiss Fitness #Squatober Exercise Challenge 2016

Our #Squatober monthly exercise challenge returns for October 2016. This is one of our most popular monthly exercise challenges, it won't take much time out of your day so join in as we squat our way through October.

The squat is a fundamental exercise and is excellent for building, toning and defining the muscles of the Legs & Bums and all the muscles through the posterior chain. It's important to know how to squat properly so check out the video below to make sure you perform the exercise with good technique.

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Kiss Fitness Skiptember Exercise Challenge 201

Grab that Skipping Rope, we're going to get the heart going and revive some old school skills with the Kiss Fitness #Skiptember challenge.

Its all about the heart this month. Looking after your heart with diet and exercise is one of the best things you can do for your body! By just doing a few minutes of high intensity exercise each day can have a huge impact on your heart as well as the health benefits of lowering your blood pressure and losing weight. Skipping is cheap and portable so you can take it anywhere! It can improve heart & lungs, stamina, flexibility, co-ordination, balance, rhythm and symmetry. It is both aerobic and anaerobic, it can be high impact and thus increasing bone density and toning thighs, glutes, hips and calves. It also uses both sides of the brain and body, so has benefits for your mental health also.

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Kiss Fitness Augthrust Challenge 2016

Squat Thrusts are another one of those exercises you love to hate, you know they are good for you, but they are demanding, just like the Burpee yet for good reason, they are a great way of working the lower limbs, extremely tiring and a good way of building up your muscular endurance and working the heart and circulatory system. 

Squat Thrusts are our exercise of choice for the Kiss Fitness #Augthrust challenge, Join in throughout August as we challenge you with a new target each day. Use the target guide below and attempt to complete the repetitions set  each day, you can break down the reps into sets if it makes it more manageable. 

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