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The Kiss Fitness Starcember Exercise Challenge

Introducing the #STARcember Kiss Fitness monthly exercise challenge, this month were going to be doing Star Jumps, also known as Jumping Jacks. We thought the STAR was appropriate for the time of year, this challenge starts off with a moderate intensity at 150 Star Jumps coming down to 100 and then back up again heading towards New Years Eve. We've given you Christmas Day off, you can thank us later!

Our monthly exercise challenges are designed to get you moving on a daily basis with the prmise that you don't need to do much to start! You just need to start and with this simple exercise challenge, you can do just that. 

The Star Jump (Jumping Jack)

Photo of a Star Jump

For this challenge there are three levels of intensity you can choose from starting with a one leg star jump to a regular star jump and up to an explosive star jump. The star jump is a very metabolic full body exercise, it incorporates the whole body with lower and upper body movements recruiting multiple muscle groups and you'll feel the cardiovascular affect on the heart for a full body metabolic exercise.

Half  Star Jump

This beginner exercise is low impact and a great start for those with bad knees or new to exercise.
  • From standing step out to one side with one leg
  • Simultaneous raise both arms to horizontal or above.
  • Bring the foot back to start and repeat with opposite leg.
  • Continue in this fashion for the desired amount of repetitions.

Star Jumps (Jumping Jacks)

The star jump is a simple aerobic training exercise involving jumping in a "star" jump fashion, this exercise is also known as a Jumping Jack.
  • Start with 2 feet together.
  • Jump out astride so your feet are about 1 and half times hip width apart.
  • At the same time raise your arms lateral to shoulder height or more.
  • Jump back in to the start position while simultaneously lower your hands to the original position.
  • Repeat for the desired amount of repetitions.

Explosive Star Jumps

The variation of a regular star jump is the Explosive Star Jump, this exercise adds a plyometric and power action to this exercise creating more intensity.
  • Start with 2 feet together.
  • Tuck down and wrap arms around knees or hands to feet.
  • Explosively Jump out into a star shape.
  • As you return land with feet together and tuck down to the original start position.
  • Use the stretch reflex to push immediately back up in the Explosive Star Jump.
  • Repeat for the desired amount of repetitions.

#STARcember Monthly Targets for 2015

 Kiss Fitness December Starcember Challenge 2015

Save, Print, Pin to your fridge and join in throughout December

Don't forget to let us know how you're doing on Twitter with #STARcember, get moving this bust holiday month and don't let your exercise routine slip. Stay active!

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