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Kiss Fitness Skiptember Exercise Challenge 2015

Grab that Skipping Rope, we're going to get the heart going and revive some old school skills, quite latterly with the Kiss Fitness #Skiptember challenge.

Its all about the heart this month. Looking after your heart with diet and exercise is one of the best things you can do for your body! By just doing a few minutes of high intensity workout a day can have a big impact on your heart as well as the health benefits of lowering your blood pressure and losing weight. Skipping is cheap and portable so you can take it anywhere! It can improve heart & lungs, stamina, flexibility, co-ordination, balance, rhythm and symmetry. It is both aerobic and anaerobic, it can be high impact and thus increasing bone density and toning thighs, glutes, hips and calves. It also uses both sides of the brain and body, so has benefits for your mental health also.

The benefit is low impact on knees, hips and ankles and if done properly its a lower impact activity than jogging. More benefit on heart, lungs and muscles. It strengthens upper and lower body and burns alot of calories in a short space of time. Try not to skip on carpet, grass or concrete as you may injure your ankles, instead go for a mat or wood floor.

The better you become at skipping the more economical you will be with your movements. The key is to jump low so that just enough space for the rope to pass under your feet, this means minimizing the movement in your arms and to make the pivotal point the wrist. By doing this the arms and shoulders are given a workout by just clenching the muscles in order to turn the wrists.

The #Skiptember Challenge 

Get a skipping rope, if you don't have one head over to Amazon and pick up a cheap skipping rope, leather is a better choice if you are willing to spend a bit more.

Check your skipping target each day and get out and get your skips done, these don't have to be done at the same time, you can do them in blocks of 10,20.50 or 100 or whatever you fancy, the key is to get them done.
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Skipping Target Guide

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