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Spotty Dog Exercise

Get active with our Spotty Dog May Exercise Challenge

 Get moving this May with our monthly exercise challenge, 'Spotty Dog May'. Our progressive target will challenge you throughout the month but most importantly it will keep you moving and get you into the habit of exercising regularly. 

This full body exercise will get your heart going and throughout the month you'll test your endurance, the Spotty Dog Exercise is  an excellent yet simple cardiovascular exercise that works the whole body. 
Follow the daily target level this May and stay active and kick losing those last few pounds before summer.
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Exercise Target Guide

Kiss Fitness May Exercise Challenge 2015 SpottyDogMay 

Exercise Guide

One rep of the Spotty Dog exercise is a complete back and forward movement, essentially you count either when you left or right foot returns to the front as one rep.
  • Start in an upright position with core active, looking forwards. Stand with feet in a a split stance one foot forwards and one foot back.
  • Your arms and legs will work in opposites and will feel like a natural movement. 
  • Switch your feet from front to back while raising your arms up to about shoulder height.
  • Keep your core active throughout, keeping upright with good posture and neutral spine alignment.




If at any point you feel pain, you should stop immediately. If you are unsure about taking part in a regular exercise programme or activity you should first consult your GP


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