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Kiss Fitness #Lungevember 2017 Challenge

November is for Lunges! Join them together and what do you have? Lungevember offcourse. The Kiss Fitness monthly exercise challenge for November is Lungevember. We're going to get you lunging, it's one of the most fundamental exercises, its tough and it's effective.

This is a great challenge to tone up the bum and thighs. The Lunge exercise recruits the gluteus maximus, quadriceps & hamstrings. There are also plenty of lunge variations to make the exercise easier or harder or just add a little variety. This is also a great exercise for the skiers and snowboarders who will be heading to the slopes over the winter.

The Exercise

Our challenge will feature the forward lunge exercise, each single lunge counts as one and you will notice the targets goes up in even numbers by two a day. This progressive challenge starts off with a very manageable 10 but will be testing your endurance towards the end of the month with 66 lunges. If you are a beginner or new to exercise, stick with the regular forward lunge, for more experienced participants you can add weight in the form of dumbbells or a barbell depending on your level of competency and what you have available.

Lungevember Target Guide

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Challenge Format

This challenge has been set out in a full pyramid training structure with reps low at the start peaking and descending at the same pace you ascended the pyramid. This is great for progression, the latter stages where the reps descend also offer a opportunity to increase the intensity with additional weight. The chart below shows the pyramid structure of this lunge challenge.

How to Lunge


Add weight with a Dumbbell Lunge

So, you're a lunging expert! The lunge is not enough? Up the intensity with a pair of dumbbells.
Exercise is performed a per the forward lunge above while holding a pair of dumbbells tot he side. Keep your upper body upright and avoid leaning forwards.

Try a Walking Lunge

You don't have to stay still for this lunge challenge so if you fancy lunging around the office, go ahead and perform this walking lunge exercise. It might be a little bit more interesting although your co workers might think you've gone a bit mad. Recruit them to join in with you and get the whole office lunging. 

How to do a walking lunge

To start, stand upright with your feet at hip width, keep good posture looking forwards and soft knees. Take a step forwards lowering the hips towards the floor until both legs are at right angles, step forwards with the back foot and straight into another lunge progressively walking forwards.

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