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Are you fit enough for Skiing & Snowboarding?

Ok, we might only go skiing or snowboarding once a year, but let’s be honest, it’s normally quite a hard week or two of physical exercise. It’s an exciting holiday and something we can really only do once a year, so maybe it seems we don’t really need to train for these one or two weeks in the snow. I'm sure many of us have been on a winter holiday before without any real training, including myself, but let’s look at how we can benefit from training before our winter holiday on the slopes.

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Choose the correct weight dumbbell

10 reps, OK, done! Is it? Whether you've joined a gym, Googled a workout or been given a workout program you are no doubt familiar with sets and reps, that is the number of sets and repetitions of an exercise to perform. 

If you're going for 12 reps (this kind of rep range is quite common, it's bang in the middle of strength & hypertrophy so you'll likely see it a lot for generic programs) then if you've executed 12 repetitions and you could have done 13 or worse, more.........

Then....Your weight's not heavy enough!

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Why do we call them dumbbells?

This classic piece of weight training equipment is essential to the world of fitness and especially that of weight training and free weight exercises. This piece of equipment consists of a short bar with a weight at the end of the small bar; they can be used on their own or in pairs depending on the exercise.

Defined in the Oxford English Dictionary:

"a short bar with a weight at each end, used for exercise or muscle-building"

So now we have a good idea what it is, but why is it called a dumbbell?

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Press Up Fitness Testing

Testing your strength is a good way of monitoring progression, the Press Up fitness test will primary test the Chest & Arm muscles, specifically the Pectorals Major, Minor and Triceps Brachi muscles together with stabilizing shoulder and core muscles. The Press Up or Push Up exercise depending how you refer to the exercise is a functional and compound exercise recruiting more than one muscle group. This make it a very metabolic exercise, great for developing strength and burning calories.

The Test

This strength test is a relatively straight forward test of muscular and physical strength and endurance, especially the chest, shoulders and triceps which are the prime movers in this exercise.

This test has been performed with time limits of both 1 and 2 minutes in which the participant must complete as many press ups as possible with near perfect technique on each reputation. This test is popular in the army other military institutions in which you must complete as many press ups in 2 minutes, this requires good strength and endurance and is no easy task. I however would suggest performing this test in one minute if you are looking at strength and power testing and go up to 2 minutes for an insight to strength and endurance testing.

Another method is to perform the test until absolute failure, the point in which the subject is unable to complete any more repetitions. This is likely to happen within 2 minutes for most individuals anyway which test you use is down to personal preference and how relative each one is to the subjects goals. The normal values at the end of this article is for this test version, to fatigue.

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Why is it called a Burpee?
If you've ever done a Burpee, you know exactly what it is! or, have erased it from your memory. An exercise that makes you cringe when you hear it's name has to have something going for it. If you've not heard or done a Burpee before then, you're in for a treat...

What is a Burpee?

The Burpee is a popular exercise that consist of a squat, squat thrust, plank and squat jump. To perform you would stand with feet hip width apart, squat down to the floor placing your hands on the floor and kick both legs back so you end up in a plank position with straight arms, jump both feet back and push through the floor into a jump so that your feet leave the floor.
There are many variations of the Burpee with the most popular variant being what the marines affectionately refer to as 'bastards' the exercise is performed as described above with the addition of a push up once in the plank position.
Do I Need a Personal Trainer?
Are you thinking about getting a personal trainer, or maybe know someone that has a personal trainer? Probably the first thing you associate with when you hear the word 'personal trainer' is 'money' along with phrases like 'she must have money' and 'how much will that cost?'

Well that's quite a normal response, personal training after all is something of a luxury, it's something we 'could' live without although something we might 'want' and also can be something that we 'need.

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Young Women Hitting her Goals

Maybe you do and maybe you don't, maybe it's a waste of time and maybe it's just hopeful thinking but either way, with the right thought process, making new years resolutions can be the difference between starting and not starting. If you never start, you'll never know.

Sometimes making a new years resolutions can seem like hopes and dreams and if you don't stick to it, then 'oh well'. The key is to turn your resolution into a definitive goal, it needs to be;

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable 
  • Realistic & Relevant
  • Time Framed
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Fitness Tips from our Expert Personal Trainers

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