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Choose Sport Specific Training for Better Results

Exercising & adhering to a regular training plan is not for those who just want to lose weight. The need to be fitter, more able with better performance is often though participation is sport or a regular sporting activity. While generic training has it's benefits and to some degree might benefit anyone, training specific for the activity or sport you regularly undertake or compete in will bring about better performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Personal Trainers are trained in creating training plans with the wealth of exercise knowledge to build effective and specific training programmes that reflect sport specific movements, from the warm up to training muscles to fire in a certain order with maximum performance, to get the most out of your training you need to get specific.

Specific Training = Better Results


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3 Barriers to exercise

By far, the title of this blog post "I'm not fit enough to exercise" is mind boggling as it makes little sense yet it's often the reason for not participating in regular exercise. Here are a couple of examples you probably wouldn't say but essentially are the same as our first saying.

  • I'm not dehydrated enough to drink
  • I'm not clever enough to learn

In the saying we are comparing our level or ability to do something against the solution to increasing that level or ability, therefore it's a very odd statement. There are however various reasons why people who believe they are not fit enough to exercise (this could be you) feel they are not able to, they include;

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Do you have time to exercise?

Finding the time to do things that you want to and need to do, can be one of the hardest things we have to plan around. A busy job and long hours don't really help us either, if you want to exercise, if you want to get fit and if you want to start leading a healthy lifestyle then "I don't have time to exercise" is just not good enough. It's essentially a decision already made up, the statement implies you have little intention to try or plan to exercise. The truth is the things in life we do, we do because we want to do them and therefore have MADE time to do them. If you want to do something, you need to make the time to do it.

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Why you shouldn't weigh yourself everyday

How often do you weigh yourself? Is it a benchmark for your activity & lifestyle decisions? If you are trying to lose weight, no doubt very regularly, you weigh yourself. Looking down at that all important number, if it's high, your heart sinks and if it's low, you feel over the moon. 

But, are we looking at the right number?

Many factors influence your weight, it's important to understand what else is going on and how this might affect your weight before we evaluate our performance on one lonely piece of data.

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3 Reasons to Get a Workout Buddy

Starting a new fitness regime and eating healthy can be tough, especially at the start. The hardest part is motivating yourself to get up and go! Exercising with a friend is proven to improve exercise adherence, meaning you will stick to your training for longer and achieve better results. Simply arranging to meet your friend at the gym, the park or at a Personal Training Session will make you emotionally accountable with a social contract, you will be much less likely to let your friend or trainer down.

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3 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

Is having a personal trainer a luxury? well sure it's easy to come to this conclusion when for many, it's expensive and something they don't have to have. For years personal training has indeed been seen as a luxury reserved for the high income individual or celebrity but that's just not the case anymore. The personal training market is booming, there are many more personal trainers than there once were, for the consumer this generally means cheaper and more choice when it comes to hiring a personal trainer.

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Why Exercising in the Cold Burns more Calories

Getting out and exercising in winter when the nights draw in can take some motivation, it's a real test to your exercise regime once the weather becomes unfavorable. Colder weather can prevent you getting out of the front door. and going on you normal run or getting to your local group exercise session. However, we must remember that it's a god thing! Colder weather burns more calories.

This is because your core temperature remains the same, rarely moving 1 degree away from the average body temperature of 36.2 degrees. In order to achieve this when the environment is much colder than our core temperature, heat promoting mechanisms are activated, all exchange of heat happens through radiation, conduction, convection and evaporation. Your shell acts like a temperature gauge & a warning system for this heat promoting mechanism allowing them to trigger when shell temperature drops.


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Fitness Tips from our Expert Personal Trainers

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