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4 Ways to Increase your Motivation to Exercise

Getting out of the front door is absolutely the hardest part of any workout or group exercise session. Once you're out of the front door you are halfway there. However, the getting out of the door part is often a major psychological barrier, it's often the reason why you might not workout today or give the exercise session a miss. 

If you have been exercising for a while, you are into a regular habit and this is not a problem then you are already past any psychological barriers and have exercise as part of your lifestyle, if not, this is what we are aiming for. To do that we need to make ourselves accountable and avoid the 'excuse" cycle towards inactivity.


Create accountability

In order to increase exercise adherence you need to create some form of accountability, if no one cares you are going to workout, going to an exercise session or working out then you have no consequences and no feedback from not going.

Reasons for not going might include:

  • I don't have time
  • I'm tired
  • I have something else to do
  • etc etc etc

Truth is, these are not reasons, they are excuses!

Creating accountability to increase exercise adherence, keep us motivated and move towards a lifestyle activity rather than something we have to do to lose weight, get fit, feel healthy etc can be done by;

1. Train with a friend

Taking a friend along, making an arrangement to pick them up and training together creates accountability and responsibility, this makes you less likely to back down, more likely to achieve your goals. Instead of a barrier to going we've created a barrier to not going which wasn't there before, a consequence to our actions.

Arrange to meet a friend at a session, at the gym or just to go for a run will focus you towards the activity, make you accountable and make it more enjoyable sharing the experience with a friend.

2. Book a class

If you are attending a group exercise session, BOOK IT! Why because you create consequences for not going, it focuses you towards that session and it's now clearly allocated within your diary. Now you are thinking I AM GOING not I COULD GO. 

3. Tell friends & family your goals

Share you goal with friends and family, if they know what you are wanting to achieve they can help you along the journey and provide motivation when you most need it. 

4. Hire Personal Trainer

Personal trainers provide many of the benefits outlined above and much more, real accountability with long term planning, goal tracking and constant progression and motivation. I mentioned getting out the door is the hardest part, well when you hire a mobile personal trainer you often don't need to get to that point as the trainer comes to you with all the equipment needed. Aside from saving you bags of time, its convenient and highly effective. 

If you struggle to motivate yourself, employ some of the tactics above and/or hire a personal trainer. Stop making excuses and start making reasons to workout that will lead you to a lifestyle habit.

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