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3 Reasons to Get a Workout Buddy

Starting a new fitness regime and eating healthy can be tough, especially at the start. The hardest part is motivating yourself to get up and go! Exercising with a friend is proven to improve exercise adherence, meaning you will stick to your training for longer and achieve better results. Simply arranging to meet your friend at the gym, the park or at a Personal Training Session will make you emotionally accountable with a social contract, you will be much less likely to let your friend or trainer down.

Getting a friend with similar goals on board is hugely motivating and it's great fun to share the experience, so grab a friend and start experiencing the benefits below.

1. Commitment

When you set a date and time to exercise with a friend, you are less likely to back down or cancel, you don't want to let them down and you have now made yourself accountable to your friend! Much like how a personal trainer makes you feel accountable.

2. Motivation

Lets face it, exercise, training and eating healthy is not always easy, it can be pretty tough and it really helps to have some motivation to encourage and push you on when you are not feeling great, when you think you can't. The truth is your body wants to take the easy route, you need to be pushed and getting the motivation and encouragement from a friend doing the same thing will ensure you stay on track.

 3. It's Social & fun

Sharing your workout with a friend is fun, workouts can be pretty dull so adding a good friend, to laugh and socialise with as you go is not only a great way to exercise, it's forms healthy habbits, that are fun and sociable. Exercise really needs an element of fun to make it enjoyable, unless you really like feeling hot, uncomfortable & fatigued.

If you are starting a new group exercise session, thinking about getting a personal trainer then grab a friend and workout together. Once more personal training is normally much cheaper when you workout as a pair so take advantage and start reaching your goals.

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