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9 Minute Core Stabilisation Circuit Workout

This Stabilisation workout is a core engaging workout to simulate better balance and core stabilization, an excellent workout for activating the core stabilizers focusing on balance and isometric exercises. Re-center your core with this 9 minute core stabilsation workout, perform 1 or 2 circuits.

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7 Minute Dumbbell Core Circuit

Dust of your dumbbells, were going to add intensity to a core circuit with a dumbbell, this simple circuit can be done as man times as required.

  • Rounds: 2-3
  • Time: 45 seconds work | 15 seconds rest

Time your workout with a Gymboss Interval Timer

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At Home 7 Minute Core Workout

This quick 7 minute circuit is a complete core workout, very simple and it will work your entire core. Complete the circuit as many times as required for your goal and desired intensity, increase or decrease time to suit you own ability and progress from there.

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Fitness Ball Core Sculpt Circuit Workout

Get ready to dust off that Fitness Ball, an excellent piece of equipment that's cheap with hundreds of exercises that can be done with this simple bit of kit. This Fitness Ball Core Circuit is a simple workout that can be done at home in your living room, only a small amount of space is needed. This is an intermediate workout requiring good balance and core control on the Fitness Ball. 

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Muffin Top Melter Workout

A popular concern amongst women, the Muffin Top. What an affectionate name, well, they say visualisation is everything so it’s quite apt really. We've put together this Muffin Top workout to help you melt away the fat, it will take some work and you'll need to make appropriate changes to diet and activity levels, if you have not already. This workout has been put together using just a matt and a pair of dumbbells, however the dumbbells are not essential. This workout should take about 30 minutes.

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The 300 Workout

You would have done well not to have heard of the infamous 300 workout, many websites have submitted their claims to the workout and many have even charged for the privilege.

Every fitness site on the web has a take on the 300 workout, the so called workout that the actors from the movie 300 undertook to get into shape and get that 300 physique. It would be nice to think that these actors undertook the workout 'X' times per week and this was the only workout they used to achieve their classic physique. However, this is unlikely due to the size of the workout, the workout is hard and it would be ineffective and near impossible to perform this on a regular basis. It's called the 300 workout as that is the total amount of reps that are performed during the entire workout. All these exercise and reps are performed consecutively with little or no rest, a massive super-set if you like or a large circuit with no rest, either way it sounds tough.

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