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take the stairs - stairway to health

Cheesy title? Yeah...but seriously the stairs really can lead to good health, no one likes to take the stairs and for good reason, it's hard work! If you are a frequent passenger of lifts where stairs are also an alternative you are in the right place to get fitter and healthier. Namely this would include, office workers or those that work in a large building, for some of us we might rarely have the luxury of a lift or take very few stairs during our weekly routine. If the latter is true then it's likely your job or daily routine already includes some exercise.   

Office workers by nature have a very sedentary job, and although a small minority might cycle in to work it's likely the majority arrive via public transport or by car and when you calculate actual physical activity during a workday it's going to be quite low. Office jobs are also a cause of back pain due to long periods of sitting and it's therefore very important that muscle tone and strength is maintained and balanced together with a suitable amount of cardiovascular exercise.
There have been surveys conducted on office workers which suggested after the testing period in which subjects took the stairs at work instead of the elevator they actually increased their VO2 Max. Concern however was announced by the professor Bruce Lynn who discussed this in a lecture at the University College London that the people who volunteered for this type of survey were normally fit and healthy to start with and a more accurate test would be testing subjects who were normally not active.
A Canadian health initiative from the Public Health Agency of Canada once used the very same slogan as this blog tiltle “stairway to health” to promote healthy lifestyles and increase the activity levels of individuals, especially office workers.

How can we climb the stairway to health?

1. Take the stairs - nothing else!

Assuming you do not have your lunch in the office you will go up and down from your office 4 times a day, twice up and trice down: Therefore, quite simply the first way to increase your health and become fitter is to “take the stairs” Exclude the elevator from your daily routine, burn extra calories while training your heart as you climb to your floor (obviously the higher the floor the better)
Is your office on the first floor? Take note of idea “2” below.

2. Take the stairs and go past your floor!

Instead of taking the stairs to the floor you work on, go one further or even two floors past your office floor and come back down (not a good idea if you are already late for work)

3. Step up the pace

Taking hold of one of the ideas above you can also increase the intensity by stepping up the pace, instead of walking to your floor, increase the pace and jog up to your floor.
Note: Ensure it is safe to do the above and that you are already fit enough to do so.

It's that simple

Taking the stairs is not just limited to the office or your place of work, next time you are at the shopping centre or park your car in a multi story you can employ this mentality anywhere with stairs. Becoming fit and healthy can be easily achieved by making small but significant changes to your lifestyle and daily routine, every little helps! Taking the stairs is only a small yet highly effective adjustment to your lifestyle, it will burn calories, increase your VO2 Max and give you a basis to archiving the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) guidelines on activity levels of around 30 minutes of moderate exercise 5 times a week and this does not have to be in one go.
Get fit, stay healthy, take the stairs to health!

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Young Women Hitting her Goals

Maybe you do and maybe you don't, maybe it's a waste of time and maybe it's just hopeful thinking but either way, with the right thought process, making new years resolutions can be the difference between starting and not starting. If you never start, you'll never know.

Sometimes making a new years resolutions can seem like hopes and dreams and if you don't stick to it, then 'oh well'. The key is to turn your resolution into a definitive goal, it needs to be;

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable 
  • Realistic & Relevant
  • Time Framed
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Kiss Fitness Personal Trainer Running with Client
Every January we make the same mistakes! Gyms & health clubs love it, they gain and they don't really care if you stay (they've got you in a contract anyway) sometimes up to 18 or 24 months! That's along time, not to mention the monthly gym fee. It's even more demoralising when many signed up will rarely stick with it past January.

When you go to sign up at a gym, the question you need to ask yourself is; "what do I want to gain?'. For some, a gym might suit them, if you are relatively self motivated and able to plan your own workouts, you'll be able to socialise and use expensive gym equipment. If, however you have specific goal, are not very motivated and struggle to find the willpower to workout. Don't waste your money on an expensive gym contract, you know what is going to happen and the only one who gains, is the gym. The whole point is that YOU gain, YOU benefit and YOU reach your goals.

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Online Personal Training with Kiss Fitness

Online personal training is not new, it's been around on the internet for some time, what does change are the tools and systems that personal trainers use to deliver thier services. Online Personal Training or Virtual Personal training  as it's often referred to as, is the service personal trainers use to deliver their professional knowledge to help clients anywhere in the the world achieve their goals. We don't really like the term 'Virtual Training' as although your trainer is not present, they certainly are  real, at least Kiss Fitness personal trainers are.

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Group Personal Training

We all know what personal training is, or at least we have a fair idea. Well personal training is not always conducted one to one, in fact it's becoming popular to train in small groups of 3 to 6 people. This has some oblivious advantages including reduced cost, great fun, opportunity to workout with your friends or other like minded individuals together with the close attention of your trainer.

A group personal training session can have all the benefits you'd imagine form a regular personal training session, you'll train towards your goal, you'll be motivated, your technique will be observed and corrected and not to mention the inert motivational factor of working out in a group, helping each other, being social and having fun. 
Do I Need a Personal Trainer?
Are you thinking about getting a personal trainer, or maybe know someone that has a personal trainer? Probably the first thing you associate with when you hear the word 'personal trainer' is 'money' along with phrases like 'she must have money' and 'how much will that cost?'

Well that's quite a normal response, personal training after all is something of a luxury, it's something we 'could' live without although something we might 'want' and also can be something that we 'need.

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Why do we call them dumbbells?

This classic piece of weight training equipment is essential to the world of fitness and especially that of weight training and free weight exercises. This piece of equipment consists of a short bar with a weight at the end of the small bar; they can be used on their own or in pairs depending on the exercise.

Defined in the Oxford English Dictionary:

"a short bar with a weight at each end, used for exercise or muscle-building"

So now we have a good idea what it is, but why is it called a dumbbell?

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What does it mean to be a personal trainer
Even if you have never hired a personal trainer, it's likely, you know what they do or have seen them running around a local park with clients or spotting a client in the gym. It's fairly obvious what a personal trainer does, but what does it mean to be a personal trainer? What qualifications and training do they have? What makes them qualified to help you reach your goals and more importantly, why you should stay away from unqualified trainers.
Car Park

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, trying to lose or maintain weight and generally being healthier. It's the simple things that make all the difference,  most actions can be done outside a gym or workout environment by making simple changes to your routine and habits. Taking the stairs is a great way to increase daily activity levels and it can be simpler still, such as parking your car! Yes parking your car.

Read our related article Stairway to HEALTH

Find excuses to be more active!

You drive into a busy supermarket and everyone likes to park as close as possible to the entrance of the shop, this normally involves people queuing for spaces, parking in tight spaces and consuming much time! Well you probably noticed all the free parking spaces right at the bottom of the car park, furthest away from the shop, well let's park there! This is simple right, but it really is the little things, a 50 meter walk there and back might not seem like much but get into the habit and it all adds up!

I personally do this as much a I can, because;

  • I like to walk
  • I'm able too
  • Burns more calories
  • It speeds up the time it takes to park
  • Less chance of someone scratching your door
  • Less squeezing into your car in a tight space.
All these benefits because you parked further away! it's a no brainer!
Parking you car really can make you healthier! Who would have thought! So I challenge you, pick the empty space a little further away and apart from driving your other half mad it's a great step towards being more active.
Why not keep track of just how active you are with a pedometer or fitbit or Jawbone
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Too busy to workout - Work & Exercise Balance

One of the most used excuses for not exercising and working out has to be ' I don't have enough time' Well, with an attitude like that you'll never get in your workout gear! 

Time is the most precious commodity we possess and it's never we don't have enough of it, just we don't know how to get the most out of it. The truth is we get done what we WANT to and make time for what we WANT to. The truth about the seasoned excuse "I don't have time to exercise" is not that at all, it's that you have-not made it a priority. If you did, you'd be in your running shows and already out the door and back before your procrastinating self has finished telling you why you should be working out yet you're still arguing you don't have enough time, not today!

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