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  • When I first met Nikki I was 18st 8lbs, unable to breathe properly, constantly tired, and could not do a lot of simple things for myself, like foot-care, nor could I get out of the Read More
  • I have not just lost 21KG* but now have a fitness level I can be proud of and am very determined to meet that 10km run target. I have dropped from a size 18/20 to Read More
  • Before I got pregnant I was feeling much better about myself and more confident and had seen some great results on the scales and in my body measurements and I have Dan to thank for that, without his Read More
  • In the last couple months I have lost weight, lost inches and fit into clothes I haven’t wore in years. Not only have I achieved my first goals but I feel so much happy and Read More
  • Dan provided the know-how, encouragement and motivation to achieve our goals in a programme of do-able sessions. Working out together was seriously good fun. Read More
  • I have dropped 2 dress sizes*, have so much more energy and have increased my fitness level significantly from where I started six months ago. Numerous friends and colleagues have commented on the change in Read More
  • Dan and Nikki at Kiss fitness Dorset have been paramount in helping me feel confident enough and motivated enough to challenge myself to meet my own fitness goals. Read More
  • Every single week was completely different from the last... She bought different equipment every week. Including kettle bells, battle ropes, TRX, boxing equipment, and much more. I was extremely happy with the work that Nikki did Read More
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Dan always plans my personal training sessions to work towards my goals. We either work out at my home, in my garden or at the local recreation ground and a regular diary commitment means no excuses. Every session is different and every session is motivating and challenging.*

This morning I am getting ready for a personal training session with Dan. I am looking forward to it and that is something that I certainly wouldn’t have said a few years ago! I am also wearing a Kiss Fitness t-shirt in a size small. The first one of these I was given was a large. For somebody who has worked so hard that is a good feeling and it prompted me to write this long overdue testimonial.

After decades of yoyo dieting and failed fitness regimes I have been working with Dan and Nikki at Kiss Fitness since January 2012. With their help I have made huge changes to my body in terms of weight and fitness and made a real difference to my life.

Unfortunately, last year I had 2 sprained ankles and a broken ankle, all of which took their toll on my workout schedule, effectively putting me out of action for the best part of 6 months of the year. My will power dropped, I really missed the exercise and my weight rose yet again.

So what’s changed this year? At Christmas I bought myself a few extra training sessions to give myself a good start to the New Year. I knew that if I didn’t make a change then, it would never happen. I started training with Dan once a week on a 1-1 basis and continued to do 3- 4 group exercise classes a week. We set achievable goals on a short and long term basis and Dan set about getting me fit once again and losing the excess weight. The first challenge was to strengthen the ankle and then work on the overall fitness.

So what has this Personal training done for me...

  • Between January and July I lost 10kg and 9% body fat*
  • I have learnt to love exercise
  • I have made “me time” a priority
  • My self esteem and confidence has risen considerably
  • My stress levels have dropped
  • I feel good!

As for the group exercise sessions...

  • I have made some great friends
  • I have so much fun with some truly lovely people with varying degrees of craziness!!
  • I know I will have a different well structured full body workout at each session
  • As a group we encourage each other
  • A regular schedule creates great habits
  • I am always motivated to try my hardest

I know I will be reminded of this many a time but I have to say, Dan is right! For ages he has been telling me to stop dieting and just eat properly. Having spent 2 years ignoring him, in January 2015 I stopped “dieting”. I eat regularly, a varied diet and as “clean” as I can, I enjoy my food and do not deny myself treats. I exercise once a week with Dan, enjoy the group sessions and work out independently following the online training programme that Dan regularly updates for me. I live life to the full. My weight has followed a downward trend and stabilized. I may not have lost as much as some people on the classic diet regimes but the difference in my body is immense and having made a lifestyle change I am no longer living in fear of it all going back on.

Ok, I gained a few pounds on holiday but who doesn’t?! I kept moving and enjoyed all the local hospitality (for it would be rude not) to but I wore my bikini with pride because I worked hard to feel confident enough to do so.
Dan always plans my personal training sessions to work towards my goals. We either work out at my home, in my garden or at the local recreation ground and a regular diary commitment means no excuses. Every session is different and every session is motivating and challenging. I always feel the difference that the session has made and I always enjoy the buzz that working out gives me. I even like to feel the ”DOMS” the next day, pure evidence that I have worked hard and made a difference Sometimes Dan puts up with a lot of moaning from me, other times he shares my excitement if I have achieved my next goal. It is not unusual for me to swear at him if the session is particularly tough! We even had a bet one week on whether I would achieve a target and having smashed through it Dan publicly paid the penalty. I enjoyed watching those burpees Dan!!!

My goals are always moving because I have found I respond well to a challenge and a target. It’s no longer about the weight, it’s about my fitness and giving myself every chance in life. I want to still be enjoying Kiss fitness sessions for decades yet! And I have every intention of doing so!

Emma S



*Results Disclaimer

Results achieved from Personal Training may vary, your specific results will depend on your frequency of sessions and the duration which these sessions are received. While the Personal Trainer takes on your goals as their own and endeavours to get you to your set goals, your results will be dependent on your 100% commitment, following the set programme and advice.

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