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The TRX Suspension Trainer

The TRX Suspension Trainer is becoming a household name in the fitness industry; it's a truly functional and a very versatile piece of kit. It can be used for many applications from personal training, group exercise and individual fitness routines.

Our trainers love that we can quickly take these anywhere and still achieve an excellent workout without the need for heavyweights.

Being such a versatile piece of kit, you can expect most, if not all our trainers to be using the TRX at some point with their clients during their training sessions.

The TRX Suspension Trainer typically just called the 'TRX' was born in the US military-driven through the need for marines to be able to continue their workouts while in away in war zones or held up in safe houses.

The piece of kit that the founder of this product 'Randy Hetrick' and his team had produced enabled them to train anywhere, therefore enabling them to stay in shape and fit for their roles as US Navy Seals. The product has been much refined since it's early days when it was just some lengths of parachute webbing stitched together. Today's TRX Suspension Trainer's are at the forefront of fitness innovation providing a cost-effective tool that can be used in so many locations and using only body weight for an all over body workout.

We love the TRX, it's super portable which means our trainers can easily take it with them to clients homes, or out on a run and quickly hook it up to a tree for some cross training. The TRX can be used for many sport-specific movements making it an ideal choice for our trainers when it comes to specific training goals from our clients in sporting disciplines.

We often recommend that our clients purchase their own TRX, this can be used for their own workouts when their trainer is not with them, they can also easily take it away with them when working away or on holiday.

*Results Disclaimer

Results achieved from Personal Training may vary, your specific results will depend on your frequency of sessions and the duration which these sessions are received. While the Personal Trainer takes on your goals as their own and endeavours to get you to your set goals, your results will be dependent on your 100% commitment, following the set programme and advice.

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