Mobile Personal Training

What do I get?

Except for making you sweat, what else do you get with your very own personal trainer?

Personal training is a professional service, when you hire a personal trainer from Kiss Fitness you are getting a complete personal & professional service, NOT just someone that makes you sweat.

All the aspects below make up our service to our clients and more...

We want you to get value for money and achieve your goals and by applying these simple steps we aim to do just that.

You're Not Alone

Constant drive from your personal trainer that pushes you to your limits and hits your goals, your never alone when you engage with personal training at Kiss Fitness, your personal trainer will be there during the bad times, the tough times, the I can't go on times until you get to the good times. 

Our personal trainers inspire you to achieve, use their wealth of knowledge to provide a host of exercises and programme routines you might never have done or seen before. Thinking outside the box and pulling on their skills from specialist training areas we will keep you inspired & motivated making sure you are never board and always on track.

Advice free of charge from trained professionals

All our personal trainers at Kiss Fitness are qualified to provide nutritional & healthy eating advice, our trainers provide you with a food diary to asses your current eating habits and provide a detailed report and action plan for getting you in sync with your chosen goals. We believe this is essential to the personal training process and there is no additional charge for this service when you engage in Personal Training with us.

Get an overview of your health

As part of the FREE personal training consultation, our trainers will asses your overall health with a set of basic health assesments, the combination of these tests will provide a unique MOT score to asses your current health. This 

can be used in comparison in future assessments, a free report is supplied by the trainer if you choose to engage in personal training or not.

Fit's around your routine

The beauty of having a mobile personal trainer is that you can train where is most convenient and accessible for both you and your trainer, either at your home, the local park, out for a run or at your place of work. Save time and money whilst still reaching and exceeding your goals.

Message your trainer via the app

Always on hand

Once you enlist a kiss fitness personal trainer to help you reach your goals, you get more than your 1 to 1 time. You get their professional service when you need it, via phone, email or social media, either way your personal trainer is always on hand. Not sure about an exercise, just ask. Not sure which supplememnt is right for you, just ask.

Get expert help. your trainer is always on hand.

Professionally designed programmes

Your trainer we will plan your journey to your goal, a long term training programme will be designed for you. We constantly monitor fitness and progress towards your goal and adjust or amend set goals as required. By planning towards your long term goal in manageable short term phases and stages you will always be on the right track. 

Accountable to your personal trainer

As one of the most important benefits of personal training, accountability ensures you get done what you need to. You'll exceed your own expectations & more as you progress towards you ultimate goal, all with the help, motivation and accountability of your very own personal trainer. Having a personal trainer on board adjusts your mindset knowing you have someone to report to, someone who can push you, motivate you, encourage you and pick you up when feeling low.


Personal Trainers Fitness Equipment

Enhance your workout

Our personal trainers deliver results with excellent and portable equipment. Get to grips with new equipment and learn new skills all while working towards your health and fitness goals. 

Check out our mobile personal trainers kit list

*Results Disclaimer

Results achieved from Personal Training may vary, your specific results will depend on your frequency of sessions and the duration which these sessions are received. While the Personal Trainer takes on your goals as their own and endeavours to get you to your set goals, your results will be dependent on your 100% commitment, following the set programme and advice.

Read our full Results Disclaimer

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