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Crunch it Out, Bend it Back Core Workout
Workout Level: Easy

This core workout will evenly work both the front and back of your core stimulate both abdominals and lower back muscle groups. Great for a short core workout and an all round core workout to develop a strong core for protecting your lower back,  mobility and helping to counter poor working posture at desks during the workday.



Perform 2-3 sets of 15-18 repetitions on each exercise

  1. Bent Knee Crunch
  2. Box Crunch
  3. Leg Lower
  4. Dorsal Raise
  5. Standing Good Morning
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Outdoor Workouts To Challenge Yourself This Summer
Workout Level: Easy

unsplash-logoViktor Kern

There’s no time like summer to take your workouts outdoors. Exercising out in nature releases feel-good hormones to boost your mood and gives you your dose of vitamin D — essential for healthy bones. Moreover, outdoor workouts also burn more calories than indoor ones due to the extra challenge of changing temperature and terrain, research from the University of Exeter reveals. And if you’re wondering how to start exercising outdoors, we’ve got you covered. Here are three fun workouts to build your strength, endurance, and fitness.

Pool workout

Water workouts are low-impact exercises gentle on muscles, bones, and joints. They’re therefore great for people with fibromyalgia and arthritis. Pool workouts also strengthen your balance, stamina, and agility — making them perfect for beginners and experts alike.

Swimming laps are enough to work for all your major muscle groups and burn hundreds of calories, but you can mix your swim session up with other moves. Stationary exercises like jumping jacks, leg lifts, and flutter kicks are extra challenging underwater. Use ankle weights for an even bigger burn.

Go cycling

If you prefer working out from the shaded, air-conditioned comfort of your home, a stationary bike is ideal. Gradually increase the intensity and you’ll test your endurance and get a great workout in. However, there’s something freeing about cycling in the great outdoors. Jump on your bike and try this half hour workout:

  • 15 minute warm up, moderate pace

  • 10 seconds fast pedalling, 1-minute recovery

  • 20 seconds fast pedalling, 1-minute recovery

  • 30 seconds fast pedalling, 2-minute recovery

  • 10 seconds fast pedalling, standing up, 1-minute recovery

  • 15 seconds fast pedalling, standing up, 1-minute recovery

  • 20 seconds fast pedalling, standing up, 2-minute recovery

  • 5 minutes moderate pace, 5-minute easy riding

Beach workout

A brisk walk or run on the beach is a deceptive challenge. Loose sand provides plenty of resistance: you’ll strengthen your muscles and burn more calories than you would on a treadmill. Take it up a notch and do this beach leg workout:

  • Reverse lunges (15 reps per leg)

  • High knees (30 seconds)

  • Squat jumps (15 reps)

  • Jumping jacks (1 minute)

Repeat this set three times, taking a 30-second rest in between sets.  

Finally, always remember to stay hydrated and wear sweatproof sunscreen to stay safe. You can also start venturing further afield and exploring new places to workout. Exercising outdoors is a great way to stay healthy, but — most importantly — it keeps fitness fun!

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Plank Barrel Turn Workout

This simple workout features only 3 exercise to make an excellent superset to maximise your workout time, each circuit is short and effective.

Isometric exercises are excellent at engaging the core and stabilising muscles requiring constant firing to maintain form and correct body alignment. This workout is called a plank barrel turn as you will be moving straight from one plank exercise to the next WITHOUT rest. This turns these simple plank exercises into a quad super-set. 

Perform the workout at a circuit for 2 to 3 rounds, remember there is no rest between each exercise, simply move to that plank position.

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Isometric Heaven Core Circuit Workout

Get ready to hold those planks and bridges, this workout has no movement with isometric contraction the focus of this short core workout. Holding an isometric or stationary position constantly stimulates the core muscles and stabilizers improving core conditioning and stability.

Ideally perform this workout 2-3 times per week. Perform as a circuit, 1 set of each exercise and complete as many circuits as you feel comfortable.

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Medicine Ball Workout

The Medicine Ball is a simple piece of kit accessible by home users and at any local gym, they offer additional intensity to core exercises while adding dynamic & functional movements to others. If you don't already own a medicine ball, it's a worthwhile investment for your home workouts. In this weeks workout, we'll be using a Medicine Ball to stimulate the core, choose an appropriate weight and get started.

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6 Minute LBT Circuit Workout

This workout users the TRX! Don't have one? Then you need one. The TRX Suspension Trainer is simply the most versatile piece of training equipment you'll ever need, it will last for years. I highly recommend you purchase one, unlike the Swiss Ball which is gathering dust somewhere in your house, you'll actually use this, you can work every area of your body with it, ditch that gym membership and get yourself one of these. Click the links below to search for the current best deals.

 You are also likely to find The TRX Suspension Trainer hanging up in the functional training area of your local gym, take this workout with you. Buy this Workout on Kiss Fitness Online to track this workout via your phone or tablet using our Online Training App powered by Trainerize

This Leg's, Bum's & Tum's Circuit workout is a quick fix, you can choose to do 1,2 or 3 circuits with each round lasting just 6 minutes. Ideal for when you are short of time, workouts don't have to be long and this work certainly is not. It will however be effective. Choose an angle of intensity that challenges you to get the most benefit from this workout.

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9 Minute Core Stabilisation Circuit Workout

This Stabilisation workout is a core engaging workout to simulate better balance and core stabilization, an excellent workout for activating the core stabilizers focusing on balance and isometric exercises. Re-center your core with this 9 minute core stabilsation workout, perform 1 or 2 circuits.

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7 Minute Dumbbell Core Circuit

Dust of your dumbbells, were going to add intensity to a core circuit with a dumbbell, this simple circuit can be done as man times as required.

  • Rounds: 2-3
  • Time: 45 seconds work | 15 seconds rest

Time your workout with a Gymboss Interval Timer

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At Home 7 Minute Core Workout

This quick 7 minute circuit is a complete core workout, very simple and it will work your entire core. Complete the circuit as many times as required for your goal and desired intensity, increase or decrease time to suit you own ability and progress from there.

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Fitness Ball Core Sculpt Circuit Workout

Get ready to dust off that Fitness Ball, an excellent piece of equipment that's cheap with hundreds of exercises that can be done with this simple bit of kit. This Fitness Ball Core Circuit is a simple workout that can be done at home in your living room, only a small amount of space is needed. This is an intermediate workout requiring good balance and core control on the Fitness Ball. 

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Muffin Top Melter Workout
Workout Level: Easy

A popular concern amongst women, the Muffin Top. What an affectionate name, well, they say visualisation is everything so it’s quite apt really. We've put together this Muffin Top workout to help you melt away the fat, it will take some work and you'll need to make appropriate changes to diet and activity levels if you have not already. This workout has been put together using just a matt and a pair of dumbbells, however, the dumbbells are not essential. This workout should take about 30 minutes.

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